Some good words

Hi. London

I feel better if grown in a good relationship. But I don’t want to tell you about my best. Because I have something bad and does not make sense . I can’t tell you that. I am an adult, though, I’ll be 34 years of age.

For sometime, I was like a child,Unreasonable. My friends tell me that, If he has a girlfriend it was the last person he would choose me. You know why.? Because I have an emotional artist and high ego.

I like normal girls. And try to tell everyone that I was a normal woman who has a different opinion, and I have the courage to present their comments to everyone.

But the problem is to explain the ideas and feelings in mind. I tried. I find words that match. And best. I will review the best. Before to speak out.
I have good intentions, but, to try to explain. ,  a Lot of peple think I am good at using words, but it is a lie, and lie with a good word….

Therefore, you will need to look at me deeply. To consider that. I am a kind, please, you don’t believe me, everything I say about me, unless you know me. Yourself

I do not know. Your marriage, you mean? It is just a formal marriage, only, or a woman comes into your life as your wife .You want a woman that you called a wife, or you want her to. As your breath.

Woman. In a small country. The developing world, is the fact that we should know the name of education and hobbies and his family, but, for me, I want to know more. Man I’m watching. I want to know that his attitude and his ideas.

Although, life is too short to do everything required in life, but, do not waste much time. Getting to know someone. This is my opinion.

There is a clause saying that “I need to be next to you” Do you believe that I do not understand the meaning of it, I think it means ….. The next time I need is you. I not good at English. I interpreted it wrong. I asked a friend that “I need to be next to you” What is the meaning of it, my friend told me that is ….. I want to stay with you ……. In the end, I know the meaning of this sentence.

The language in the world. It has always been beautiful, I love and like to use. Given to someone special, I want him to hear the good stuff. If I were to speak from the heart, then it is a lie. I’m sorry. Every word I say and write to you to be good or bad. I don’t have bad intentions. That will hurt you to feel bad

Every time I feel tired.I prefer to look at the sky. And like shooting the sky, with the same color of the cloud. Different for each day it makes me feel relaxed.

Relationship in the future will be like. We do not know. One thing that I wanted it to have the companionship of friends, I always break a relationship, I’m not very good, I have a trace of an incision over the entire body.

I know ,that I am using your language is not quite right, but, I want you to believe. I intend to write it out, several dictionaries and translation program. Heavily used, it is not the only reason for the different languages, but I want you to understand. The true identity.

***** O_o*****
Please, for the bright sky. When you look at it. It is the same piece of sky. I’m looking at.

Have a great day.





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