Love letter for someone

******The first, I speak Eng not very well . I am Thai women, you know ? And I have some question for you. What do you see on the web ?

Everything you say , I mean you send E mail to me . Are you sure it’s correct ? You’re referring to me , really ?

Are you send the same e mail to everybody ?

In Thailand. , The gril often be deceptive from foreigner or even all men anywhere in the world , if they do not want to marry .

Are you ready for love ? Are you ready start with someone ?

I am also a concern , not sure . This is a dream or reality.

However, I suggest myself , you know me.

Thanks for your email, am feels good to get it.

Sure , I’m interested in love and married a man I love , and love me too.

Gooddream for evrey night




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